Consulting Services

Project Profile

Crosspointe Church – YMCA

Our consulting role included construction cost (Guaranteed Maximum Price) evaluation, contract review, value engineering, schedule creation and oversight, and quality control.

Consulting Services

Aspire’s experienced team has a broad knowledge base to assist our clients with construction needs as they arise. Our client-first philosophy embodies everything we do. As Construction Consultants, we work diligently to save our clients time and money.

Construction Consulting Services

We assess our client’s initial plan and help determine how the project can be set up for success. Our clients receive comprehensive project budgeting, delivery date scheduling, program development, and an overall feasibility analysis. We also assist with the development of funding and financing strategies, cash flow analysis, lease negotiations, and cost segregation.

We help clients identify issues that have the potential to either stop a project or have a meaningful impact on its cost-benefit. Variables such as geo-technical issues, environmental risk, and permitting issues require early identification and analysis. With this due diligence promise from Aspire, our clients have confidence in solid project plans.

A building project presents a nearly unlimited number of options that must be decided upon. Drawing upon our vast experience, we are able to advise clients on strategies and costs to best achieve their goals. A properly defined scope of work is critical to an efficient design process.

It is well understood that owners need to decide who to design and construct a project, however the question as to ‘how’ to hire the designer and contractor rarely receives the proper attention. There are many delivery methods in the industry and each can produce drastically different results. We help our clients understand what is best for them based on their priorities and project circumstances.

One of the most effective ways to reduce change orders is to perform a proper review of a design’s constructability. We have the field knowledge to identify areas that will be excessively costly or simply do not work. It is always cheaper and easier to fix things on paper — before they get built.

A Total Project Cost is more than the cost for construction. We help identify and monitor all project costs, including soft costs, furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), financing, pre-opening operational costs, insurance, etc. We perform cash flow projections so clients know when they may need funding.

Change orders can be complicated and often times warrant a third party to review and assess the legitimacy of the claim and the costs requested. We protect our client’s interest with a total fairness approach.

When a project is over budget, we can step in at any time to identify strategies to lower project costs. With the client’s budget goals in mind, we take a value-based approach to assessing where and how to reduce costs. Our ideals are to reduce costs without compromising the project program, quality or life-cycle costs.

We have the expertise to oversee all aspects of a project for an owner. These services are broad and include pay application review, schedule tracking, submittals and procurement, RFI support, field documentation, and multi-party contracts.

Our unique position as a consultant and a builder provides us the background to evaluate the contractual matters in combination with the practical issues. We have experience as subject matter experts in litigation and mediation cases.