Team Selection

Team Selection

One of the most important decisions on any project is the selection of the team members.  There are many design firms and contractors in the market place.  Aspire will lead the process to identify, select, and contract with the right team member for the project.

Delivery Method: There is a wide variety of delivery methods available.  Each delivery method has its benefits and drawbacks.  Aspire will provide options and recommendations on the best delivery method based on each customer’s project and long term goals.

Designer and C.M. R.F.P.’s and Interviews: We pre-qualify firms and issue Requests for Proposals for your project.  Each R.F.P. is customized to suit the project type, delivery method, size, location, and other project goals.  We conduct pre-award interviews to allow further evaluation of firms’ capabilities.  Cost proposals are analyzed and Scope of Services confirmed.

Contractor Pre-Qualification:  Aspire manages the contractor pre-qualification process.   The pre-qualification process can be customized to a customer’s requirements, and typically includes an evaluation of  contractor’s safety, relevant experience, manpower resources, equipment resources, current and forecasted workload, key individual assignments, financial stability, and customer references.

Bid Reviews: Aspire analyzes contractor bids to help determine lowest cost and best value.  Our bid review process includes a detailed scope review to confirm expected scopes of work.

Contract Administration: We help customers identify the best contract formats, typically recommending use of either an AIA, AGC or Consensus document.   We provide advisory services to customers during the contracting process, working towards mitigating risk for our customer.