Constructability Reviews

Constructability Reviews

Aspire’s constructability reviews solve problems on paper, rather than “fixing” issues in the field.  This eliminates delays and costly field change orders. We analyze the plans and specifications for efficiency, coordination, and performance.

Spatial Coordination: We review design drawings to identify conflicts where two elements are designed to be in the same location.  We look underground, above ceilings, in walls, and any other location that a conflict may exist.  In conjunction with the design team, BIM technologies can be used as a tool to identify clashes.

Functional Performance: We work collaboratively with the design team to ensure the various building design elements function together properly.   This collaborative effort requires the years of hands-on builder experience that Aspire has.

Efficiency: We look for ways to expedite construction and lower cost by adjusting the design to make the building process faster, safer and more efficient.   Considerations may include an evaluation of pre-fabrication, panelization, precasting, avoidance of weather impacted materials, site logistics options, and other design decisions that influence the means and methods of construction.

Specification Review: Our specification reviews are comprehensive and include analysis of bidding procedures, completeness of specifications, coordination with the drawings, clearly communicated design intent, and material specifications that align with the project objectives.