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A construction project needs to be organized.  Aspire’s Project Administration services will keep processes organized and on track.   When issues arise, we focus on a timely resolution to mitigate cost and schedule impacts.

Key Process Creation: At the beginning of the project, Aspire leads a collaborative effort to formalize the processes that will be used on the project.  We identify information flow, agreeable turnaround times, points of contact, and channels of communication.  This early step is often times dismissed as too basic, but it is a critical step in developing strong communication and documentation on the project.  Typical processes that will be evaluated include RFI’s, Drawing Updates, Change Management, Inspections, Change Orders, Close-Out, Pay Applications, Commissioning, Punchlist, and Close-Out.

Change Order Review: Aspire reviews change order requests. We initially review the situation to determine if there is a valid change.  If confirmed valid, we analyze any requests for time or money, making sure any approvals are fair, reasonable, justified and documented.

Process Management: Aspire’s process management keeps paperwork moving.   We monitor the design team and contractors on a daily basis to make sure the team is performing.  Critical project issues are pushed to the forefront and prioritized accordingly.