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Cost Effective
Cost Effective


Aspire Construction Management provides a full range of construction project management services to building owners, developers, and lenders.  We work on a per project basis or an as-needed basis.  Services are customized to suit customer’s unique goals, needs and budget.

Aspire provides the leadership and management to get projects done.  With a constant focus on our customer’s goals, we develop and implement creative ways to lower costs, improve quality, and finish faster.   We work to make project outcomes predictable and eliminate surprises along the way.  Our pre-construction and planning work sets the plate for construction.  Pre-construction is the time when the largest positive impacts to costs, quality and schedule can be made.   Construction stage services ensure the plan is carried out effectively all the way through project completion.  Regardless of which of our services are needed, Aspire is passionate about making our customer successful!

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We create comprehensive and detailed budgets at every stage of a project, from the initial concept stage to completion.  The goal of every budget is for costs to be accurately predicted, while being diligent on anticipating the proper scope of work. 
We create, implement and monitor project schedules.  Using Critical Path Methodology, our schedules are created to serve as the road map for project team. 
Team Selection
We provide team selection services, helping our customers form the right team for the project.  Services include RFP preparation, interviews, proposal analysis, and contract administration.
Site Logistics Planning
We plan the project site logistics and phasing for remodels, additions, and new construction.   The objectives of our site planning services are to reduce risk, establish an efficient plan, and comply with all jurisdictional requirements. 
Constructability Review
We review projects plans and specifications for constructability, maximizing quality and efficiency.   In working with the design team during the pre-construction phase, we address issues “on paper” before they become problems and result in costly field issues.
Pay Request Review
We review pay applications and invoices to verify compliance with contract agreements, compare to the status of project completeness, and ensure overall procedural compliance.  We fully manage and expedite this critical process. 
Project Administration
Our Project Administration services establish critical processes and keep team members accountable.  It is critical that paper flow is organized and properly documented throughout the project.
Project Completion
We are there to see the project through to the end – overseeing the punch-list, close-out, and commissioning. We coordinate the move-in and occupancy stage to ensure a smooth and positive experience for the occupants of the new space.  As the Project nears 100% completion, we keep our foot on the pedal the entire time.