Project Profile

Selina Field House

Aspire led the preconstruction of this $11 million dollar project.

Our role was comprehensive and included budgeting, value engineering, schedule development, selection of the design team, constructability reviews, and design management.


In addition to a functional building, customers need fiscal prudence, a reliable schedule, and exceptional quality. Our pre-construction methods are designed to achieve each without sacrifice for the other.

Pre-construction is when decisions are made that have the greatest influence on a project’s long-term success. We refer to pre-construction as the IMPACT PHASE of a project. Our thorough pre-construction services drive many of our repeat customers to consider Aspire exclusively.

We believe a project’s ultimate success is measured over many years and the foundation of a successful project is a solid Pre-Construction/Impact Phase assessment.

Areas of Pre-Construction Expertise

With careful consideration of first cost, life-cycle costs, form and function, we promise optimized costs and value of the design.

Starting with beginning concept design and continuing to a final set of construction plans, our in-depth knowledge of industry costs allow us to provide predictable, accurate budgets. Realistic cost estimates allow our clients to make the best plan with available funds.

We work with the Architect and Engineers throughout the design process. Our collaborative input on costs and constructability on structural systems, mechanical systems, wall assemblies, exterior façade approaches, pre-fabrication construction methods, and finishes allows the design team and client to make informed decisions.

It is critical to identify the steps and the proper sequence of pre-construction activities. This may include such things as land acquisition, development agreements, lease arrangements, planning and zoning approvals, permits, and — of course — design and construction. As no two projects are alike, we identify and schedule the project from concept through completion with CPM scheduling.

Our staff’s working knowledge of craft worker’s means and methods allows us to stave off common construction issues, resulting in a more efficient project with fewer change orders.

We are able to draw upon our staff’s nearly billion dollars of construction experience to bring ideas and solutions to improve the project. We see the project through the lens of the builder, the designer, the maintenance manager, the user groups, and the company paying for it. It is this unique paradigm that allows us to truly move the needle for our clients.