Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us

I am an Owner or Developer, and I have or plan to hire an Architect and Contractor. What value would Aspire Construction Professionals bring to the project team?

Every project is unique, and the circumstances of your project will determine how Aspire’s service can provide the highest return of your investment.

Common reasons Owners and Developers seek Aspire’s services offered:

  • I don’t fully understand and have the expertise to make all of the decisions that an Owner needs to make, and I want someone with only my interests at stake to provide advice.
  • I need a third party expert to review the contactor’s budgets and bids.  I am spending a large sum of money on the project, and I need to be as fiscally prudent as possible.
  • I don’t have time to attend all the meetings, oversee the project, and manage the workflow responsibilities required of the owner.
  • I need someone to review and manage pay applications and invoices. I need to make sure there are no over-billings on the project.
  • I need someone to monitor the contractor’s construction schedule to make sure it is realistic and the project is tracking. If there is a problem, I need to know before the last month of the project.
  • I need an expert with extensive knowledge of construction costs and field knowledge to work with my design firm to evaluate different materials types and design concepts.  I want an efficient and high quality design.
  • I need someone with the expertise to analyze change orders. I can’t afford to be paying excessive change order costs.
  • I need someone to resolve disputes between the design team and contractor.
  • I need a strong leader on the project.   The Architect and Contractor are excellent at what they do, but I need someone who can keep an eye out for the big picture and help make the tough decisions.
  • My project does not have time for mis-steps. I need an industry expert to serve as another set of eyes.
  • On my last project, the contractor lost interest at the end.  I need someone who can make sure the punchlist and all final paperwork is complete and organized.
  • Quality of the finished product is very important to me. I understand that quality starts at the beginning stages of a project, not with the final coat of paint.  I need someone to review quality before the carpet is installed.

When is the best stage of a project to hire Aspire Construction Professionals?

The ideal time will depend on the services that the customer is seeking. However, generally speaking though, the sooner the better. The pre-construction stage is where we can make the largest impact on overall project costs, value engineering, constructability, and overall planning. The construction phase is where we primarily manage and monitor to make sure the final product reflects what is required. We manage and reduce our customer’s risk at all stages of the project.

How do you charge for your services?

We have three options for payment of services. The appropriate choice typically depends on scope of services selected and customer preference. A summary of the options is as follows:

Option A – Hourly:  An hourly rate for services is negotiated.

Option B – Project Fee:  A project fee for a defined Scope of Services is negotiated.

Option C – Unit Pricing:  A unit price for each service type is negotiated.

I am Owner or a Developer, and I have not hired an Architect or Contractor. Where should I start?

Aspire provides Team Selection services. We start by discussing the best delivery method for you (hard bid, CM at Risk, Design-Build, etc.). We then set out to find the best project team based on the project scope of work and goals. We will then lead the process of contracting with these firms.

My project hasn't started yet, and it is over budget. Can Aspire Construction Professionals help?

Absolutely, we can help. Like many others before you, projects can start out with a well intentioned desire for the most scope of work, and end up over budget. Our first effort is to reduce the budget by true value engineering. This is where we reduce costs but maintain functionality, quality and life cycle costs. If the project is still over budget after true value engineering, we will establish a list of cost reduction options.  We will help prioritize and recommend which cost reductions provide the best value.

Do you work on small projects?

There is no such thing as a “small” project to us. Our services are scalable to any size project. We are nimble and flexible to better serve each individual customer’s needs. Whether you are removing a single wall, renovating a wing of an office building, or building from the ground up, Aspire will be of value to you.

Does Aspire engage in joint ventures or partnerships with other industry firms?

We are always interested in building relationships with other industry firms and discussing teaming arrangements. We seek out relationships with those that share our values and a mutual desire to put the customer first.

I am an Owner or Developer. I want to bid my project when the design is complete, but I want to have the pre-construction insight of a contractor during pre-construction. Can Aspire help with this?

Aspire has the expertise and experience to provide complete pre-construction services, including budgeting, scheduling, constructability reviews, phase planning, site logistics, risk analysis, and value engineering. We will work hand-in-hand with the design team through the different design stages.