Construction Management

Project Profile

Home2 Suites
by Hilton

Aspire was the Construction Manager on this $12 million project, providing full C.M. services including pre-construction estimating, bidding, contracting, scheduling, quality control, and financial management.

We also procured the FF&E for the Owner.

Construction Management

We attribute much of our Construction Management success to an uncompromised focus on project planning. Throughout the life of every project, we constantly plan for the big picture and the details necessary to properly manage the construction project. Once the project is under construction, the project schedule, budget, and quality are firmly under our control. This allows us to deliver predictable and desirable outcomes.

Construction Management Services

Properly managed bidding elicits the right price with the best trade contractors. Managing the bidding process is a science and an art. When properly managed, you can be certain you have gotten the best bids.

With a keen eye on the project details, our contracting and purchasing process is the backbone to managing project costs and scope. Properly defined scopes of work, price, schedule, and terms and conditions minimize change order risks and eliminate surprises.

We understand that time is money and delivering a fast and efficient project benefits all involved. Scheduling is a team effort — and we lead the team. We manage the schedule with ‘energy and excitement’ from the beginning, not just the last couple of months on the project.

Without proper quality, a building owner’s investment will always fall short. Our quality strategies include establishing high expectations with each trade before starting work; making abstract ideas tangible; and addressing quality issues immediately — before they get out of control.

Construction projects require a significant amount of paperwork and information flow. We manage these key processes with great discipline to ensure paperwork does not stand in the way of progress. We utilize a number of industry project management tools, including Procore Project Management, NewForma and Oracle’s Submittal Exchange software to assist in administering a project.

Our goal on every project is to maximize value for our clients. We do this through a proactive approach to projects, as opposed to simply monitoring the work. We pare down to the essentials, and eliminate waste wherever we find it. This way, we deliver the best quality design for the best price — on time.

We consider a sustainable approach as an intelligent move for our clients. Value can be created and costs can be reduced through careful selection of sustainable practices. While client’s goals may vary, we believe there is a ‘business case’ to be sustainable on every project.

Buildings have become increasingly complex, yet the construction industry has seen a decrease in skilled craftsmen. Now, more than ever, each project requires an expert to validate the installation and functionality of completed work. We drive this process to ensure the building ‘works’ for the clients on move-in day.

Too many projects in the industry are never truly completed, leaving building owners ill-equipped to properly maintain the building. We work with passion until the last warranty, training, and punch-list item is completed to the client’s satisfaction.

We are as responsive to clients years after construction as we are when trying to win a project. Once we build a relationship with a client, we will forever be their partner, advocate, and a resource of expertise.