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The inspiration for Aspire Construction Management started in the early 2000’s.   One of Jason Imhof’s family members, who was in charge of a small non-profit healthcare organization, undertook an expansion project.   In the role of the Owner, Jason’s family member hired a very reputable contractor and a solid design team.  Although in the end, the project was deemed a success, it wasn’t without an exceeding number of headaches, false starts, disputes and budget over-runs.   The Owner was challenged every day with maintaining all the daily tasks of running the healthcare organization, and now was also faced with the many responsibilities of being the Owner on a commercial building project.  Jason saw the need for a firm that provides professional services to organizations that do not have the in-house staff or expertise to take on all of the responsibilities of the Owner role.

Jason also recognized two critical industry trends occurring simultaneously – a reduced number of qualified construction managers; and building design and construction projects becoming increasingly more complex.  Many savvy owners and developers are also aware of these trends, and are opting to hire an independent, proven, professional construction management firm to better control the outcomes on their projects.

Jason created Aspire Construction Management, LLC with the goal of helping customers deliver a more successful building project.  The four cornerstones of success are:

  • Reduce project costs
  • Improve the schedule for completion
  • Maximize the quality of the built environment
  • Ensure customers have a remarkable experience

“It is the mission of Aspire Construction Management to provide industry-leading, professional building construction services to building owners, developers, and lenders.  By performing with passion, diligence, and integrity, it is our goal to help our customers achieve their organization’s goals through the building process.”