Our Story

Our Story

Jason Imhof first got the inspiration for Aspire in 2001 when a family member took on the role of being a building owner for the expansion of her healthcare business. The owner hired a reputable general contractor and design team and expected the project to run very smoothly. In the end, the project was deemed a success, although it wasn’t without many headaches, false starts, disputes and budget over-runs.

The owner was challenged every day with maintaining the many responsibilities of managing a commercial building project, all while still running a healthcare organization. During this project, Jason saw clearly the perspective of the owner and at the same time recognized the huge challenge and complexities in running a complex construction project from the time of project inspection, through design and then the long construction project that is full of details that have to be managed daily.

Jason has now spent over 20 years in the commercial construction industry and has recognized two critical industry trends. There are too few qualified construction managers and projects are becoming increasingly complex. Both trends contribute to projects delays, budgets being blown, all resulting in more disappointed owners.

Aspire was founded with the goal of helping building owners have amazing building projects. Although the definition of success varies, Aspire seeks to achieve the following four cornerstones of success on all of its projects:

  • Ensure customers (owners) have a remarkable experience
  • Reducing project costs
  • Improving the schedule for completion and
  • Maximizing the quality of the built environment

Today, Aspire provides a broad range of professional construction services, including Construction Management, Consulting and Owner Representation in multiple states.




“It is the mission of Aspire Construction Management to provide industry-leading, professional building construction services to building owners and developers. By performing with passion, diligence, and integrity, it is our goal to help our customers achieve their organization’s goals through the building process.”




At the core of how we operate are our values. Our values drive our decisions, perspectives, and actions. We seek relationships with people and organizations that share in our values.

Accountability: We are accountable to others and others are accountable to us. Construction, like life itself, thrives when people and organizations meet their commitments to each other.

Integrity: We don’t have to think about how to operate with integrity. Trust, honesty, and transparency are who we are.

Remarkable Experiences: Whether it is with an owner, designer, contractor or otherwise, we want every interaction with Aspire to be truly remarkable.

Respect for People: Even though the end result is bricks and mortar, people are at the core of the construction industry. It is people that pour concrete, install ductwork, design buildings, and create construction schedules.

Communication: We value timely, accurate, and appropriate communications.